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What are the Qualities of a Great Waterpark?

Clean, colorful water slides

There are hundreds of water themed parks across the country. Water is a great way to enjoy time outside when the heat of summer makes other activities dangerous or unappealing.  There are even some great indoor water parks that allow water fun year around, despite changes in the weather. Local communities often have fun water slides at their nearby recreation centers or aquatic centers. With the various options for water fun, it is important to make your center stand out and become the place to be. There are certain qualities that can set your park above the rest.

One great way to stand out is having a clean facility. Restrooms and changing areas that offer privacy and cleanliness should be standard. No one wants to stand in puddles of water as they change or use the restroom. These puddles of water can be a nuances to all park goers. It makes it harder to change into dry clothing if your feet are soaked. Pools of water around toilets are a big deterrent for guests as well. They do not want to think about the potential substances that could be mixed into the water.

Having a clean facility extends far beyond the bathrooms. Providing frequent trash cans reduces the likelihood of intentional littering. Trash on the ground is especially unappealing when guests are walking around without shoes on. Providing lifeguards and other employees with nets and other equipment to remove trash floating in water is a great way to help keep the park looking clean. Nothing is quite as disturbing as used band aids in the water you are swimming in.

Clean looking facilities extend past just trash. Keeping up with repairs creates a much friendlier environment. Cracks and chunks of concrete missing near pools looks sloppy and unsafe. Structures like stairs and slides that are faded or worn down do not have the same visual appeal as those with vibrate colors and smooth surfaces. Having a good water slide restoration company that you can call on to do inspections and keep up with all the maintenance and repair needs is important. SlideRite is a great example of a company that can help your facility’s structures look their very best. Since their goal is to get everyone back in the water as fast as possible, they are an ideal choice. Nothing is more disappointing to customers than constantly having their favorite features shut down for maintenance.

Ultimately, we have talked about all of the non-human factors that go into the clean and pleasant appeal of the water park.  One of the most important aspects is to have a clean and pleasant staff to bring people back to the park.  Looking at Disney Land, one of the happiest places on earth, is so great and clean because of the people who work there.  You need to have staff that will try and bring these same qualities to your water park.  Smiling and having the goal of delighting the customer should be the number one priority, because with that as the focus you will be very successful.